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Personal distancing device

the small protective device, for personal and business times

Experience a worry-free device designed to take care of yourself and others, without even think about in daily life: Nextent Tego reminds you distancing when you are into proximity situations with anybody else.

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Nextent • Présentation du Tego

Personal distancing device

let a small thing do a big thing, by protecting without worrying

Nextent Tego is a discreet, lightweight, easy-to-use, multi-faceted, wearable device which alerts you to the proximity of others, or even reminding safe distancing at your reception desk when affixed on a dedicated stand.

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Nextent • Situation de proximité Tego



Use cases & Situations

one simple device to rule all day-to-day situations

Our Tego device has been designed to handle safe distancing autonomously in the daily life situations, where you can meet others, in any places and without any prior setup or system installed: it can be easily turn on and off, work right out of the box and can even operate as a distancing reminder in business when positioned in front of customers reception desks.


& daily life

Enjoy safer personal interactions, everyday.


& reception

Kindly remind visitors about distancing.


& crowd

Offer safer moments to your guests and clients.

How it works

simple to use, easy to forget

Step 1

turn it on, and event switch modes

Unpack your Tego, turn it on and it will instantly begin to work: you can even switch between pre-defined modes using various press on its button

Step 2

wear it or stick it, and you'll forget it

Live your daily life, everywhere you want to go, without thinking about it: the Tego will even be switching to sleep mode if you leave it or put it in your pocket when you not need it.

Step 3

be alerted when this is too close

Get alerted when you are getting too close from anybody else, helped by a small sound and/or a light pulse.

Accessories & Customization

adapt everything to your needs, easily

Take advantage of our range of possibilities, by defining the Towers quantity, choosing the accessories to adapt the Tag to your employees tasks, and even customize it with your branded covering to be fully coherent and integrated.


Choose the accessories you need, for personal or reception use, and even customize it to your brand.

Magnetic hook (Default)

Sticker (Reception)

Custom Stand (Reception)


Choose the default Nextent covering, or customize it your way (logo, image…).

Nextent cover (Default)

Custom covering

Technical factsheet

forget the technical, not safe distancing

Our Tego device has been designed to remind you about safe distancing in any situation, in the most handy way for a worry-free daily life: its uses an optical IR sensor which can accurately detects if you are getting too close from others, without any needs to configure, learn or even charge! As Tego sensor is using light frequencies to work, it will operates properly when the situation is not in full light/sun.

Nextent • Spécifications Tego


without accessories

38 x 38 x 7.2 mm


without accessories

15 g

Alert Modes

with default configuration

sound and/or light

Proximity distance

with default configuration

1 m

Detection range

for custom distance configuration

5 cm to 3 m


for proximity detection

optical IR sensor

Interaction mode

for on/off and witching mode

simple button

Usage battery life

estimated for a regular usage

approx. 2 months

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