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Collective distancing system

the wearable badge system, for work and public places

Discover an efficient and precise collective distancing system designed for workspaces and public venues: Nextent Tag detects proximity and records actual contacts to help ensure safety to your employees and customers.

Nextent • Présentation du Tag
On demand

Collective distancing system

stay focused on your activity, our badge watches over you

Nextent Tag is a wearable badge that alerts you to the proximity of others wearing a Tag and records the contact when a specified distance is crossed, all automatically synced with Nextent Towers installed on high transit paths.

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Nextent • Situation de proximité Tag



Nextent • Situation de contact Tag



Use cases & Situations

one simple system to rule all work situations

Our Tag system has been designed to handle every workplace environments, from small offices to huge warehouses, for static employees as well as moving visitors.


& Commerce

Make workers/customers interactions safe again.


& Logistics

Avoid chain proximity without complications.


& Public venue

Prevent and secure people with ease and simplicity.

How it works

easy to use, so simply

Step 1

register, assign and manage tags easily

Use our user-friendly dashboard to set up your Tags and manage them with ease.

Step 2

wear it and be alerted in real time

Provide a Tag to each worker (as a badge or a watch) and the Tag system will alert them immediately each time a proximity or contact situation is detected.

Step 3

let it sync itself and access record history

Let each Tag to automatically sync (once or twice a day) with Towers to gather recording history and access it within the dashboard.


view and manage, with ease and serenity

Our dashboard has been closely designed together with our Tag system to offer easy management with an user-friendly interface: register, assign and manage Tags with employees, and gather all contact records, in order for you to take actions.

Nextent • Dashboard Tag

Accessories & Customization

adapt everything to your needs, easily

Take advantage of our range of possibilities, by defining the Towers quantity, choosing the accessories to adapt the Tag to your employees tasks, and even customize it with your branded covering to be fully coherent and integrated.


Opt for the recommended quantity of Towers to cover your Tags in strategic traffic places, or define your custom quantity.

1 Tower per 100 Tags (Default)

Custom quantity


Select the right accessories, adapted for every need.

Clip (Default)

Watch Band

Mini-USB cable


Choose the default Nextent covering, or use your brand.

Nextent cover (Default)

Custom cover

Technical factsheet

made for usability, with technologies

Our Tag system aims to deliver real-time efficiency and detection accuracy within a lightweight and durable form-factor: it uses the latest bluetooth technologies to ensure high precision and preserve battery life, and offers effortless automatic synchronization with our easy-to-install included Towers.

Nextent • Spécifications Tag


without accessories

42 x 50 x 14 mm


without accessories

20 g

Alert modes

with default configuration

sound and/or light

Proximity & Contact distance

with default configurations

2 m • 1 m

Detection range

for custom distance configuration

5 cm to 3 m


for distance detection and sync


Synchronization time

once or twice a day

less than 1 min.

Regular battery life

with approx. 1h charging time

1 to 3 day(s)

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